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Finding The Dreamstate

A Dream Within a World, a World Within a Girl

She created the Dreamstate, a place of being with a vague understanding of a bigger realisation. A dream within a world, a world within a girl. A whole forest within the depths of oneself. In her mind, she was a traveler, although these places she often visited weren’t anywhere. She’d always been somewhat of an escapist, it's just within her nature. There's something about how she carries herself with a certain sense of susceptibility that tells me that she is seeing beyond reality, past the skies, & deep into the heart of it all. She is creating herself subjectively…

It’s all to do with the imagination - even this very notion escapes her sometimes.

The Dreamstate Became Ever So Enticing for the Girls

"I realise that the person I’ve been searching for all this whole time is, in fact, myself,” she said, “but I haven’t yet found my voice.”

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was so very sad that she made up a world where only things that she wanted to happen, would happen. She named this place, the “Dreamstate”. Now and then, other little girls would come over to play but she could only ever see them through a little glass window that both connected & divided their worlds. The Dreamstate became ever so enticing, so much so that more girls would come to play, even bringing their friends, but they could never stay all that long or they would begin to fade away…

In These Moments Where We Forget Ourselves & Simply Exist

The more that you search for the Dreamstate, the less likely you’re you are to find it; it just sort of takes you at the moment. I can tell you that it all begins with an idea, possibly about oneself, & this invokes a vague sense of happening. Honestly, we kind of make it up as we go along…. The trick is to not think about it all that much, just try to let go & allow yourself to be with whatever is in that moment. It’s like trying to remember a dream & can only properly be interpreted through a dance-like sequence. We would play this game where we mimic one another until there's a mutual feeling of when the walls between us fall away & there’s a purity that we’re left with, somewhat unknown to our world & from here the moment can lead anywhere…

Dreamsickness: The Longing to Be Back in the Dream

“I feel the more I write about the Dreamstate the easier it will be to remember,” she said. There was a time she felt that she knew it so well. They would all tell her -

“Oh how we long to be back in the dream,” the girl that is. They would all come over to get dressed up & they would play make-believe. Only when it was all over, they would go back to their everyday. For her, she never quite came back. She was destined to wander between realms, longing to return to the dream. The Dreamstate was the only place she saw something truthful, even if just for a moment through a little glass window within a magical box

called a camera (which was a clever little thing really, as it knew exactly just how to record some of these ‘unreal moments’, as fleeting as they may be).

That's the magic thing about photographs you see, you can only capture what exists.

Finding The Dreamstate

Featuring Rebecca Rose

Produced, Photographed & Written

by Danniella Jaine

Wearing a dress by Fairycave

Jewellery by Happy Glastonbury

Hair Studio Couture by Clairswinscoe

Floristry Floriography by Vera

Crown by Teresa Mc Corry

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