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Everyday Magic

Danniella Jaine Portrait Photographer Bristol UK


We could all use

a little magic in our everyday, 

so allow us to invite you

into the abundance of nature, 

for a magical makeover photoshoot 

that invokes the inner you


Danniella Jaine with her Dream Team host

a pampering fairytale makeover experience

with a guided portrait session

from one of their affiliated venues

on a beautiful rural location

in South West England


With dreamlike photography

that aspires to capture the Inner You, 

we are using storytelling

with a little faerie magic

to discover the Magical Kingdom

we believe to be within all

Those Who Dare To Dream

Book Your Zoom Consultation 

It's as important to me that 'the slipper fits' when working with another individual. I like to take the time to get to know a person and for them to know me before deciding to choose me as their photographer! Consultations are free with no pressure to proceed any further or purchase a photo-shoot! 


Plan Your Photoshoot

Here's where your story begins. Once selected as your photographer we open a discussion to plan your shoot from moodboards, location to personalising your beauty team. This can be done either over the phone or social media chat.


Your Photoshoot Experience

Arriving at the venue of your selected location, we will begin with a day plan ensuring that myself and the team are on board with all your ideas, but of course the true magic happens in the moment! The duration of the shoot is 5 hours including the time it takes to get ready, outfit changes, a short break and pack down. The shoot will be broken into 3 selections to ensure a variety of visuals.


Select Your Photographs via Zoom

Part of picture taking process is to take a lot of pictures catering those in-between moments which I will edit down to the best selection of about 30-50. Together we will select the top photo's ready for post production to be digitally painted.


Your Photo Viewing

Once your best selected photos are ready you will receive an email notification where you can book a photo viewing for the big reveal! This is my favourite part of the job, seeing your reaction to the beautiful photographs we've created! 

Book Your
Free Zoom Consultation

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