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Fables Of The Fallen....

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

He was chaos incarnate; A fallen angel as some would say

Said to have known the light but chose to walk away

through the fire but he did not burn, instead,

he embraced the flames like a light in the darkness

With nothing to gain but everything to lose; she gave up her heaven

to follow him through the fire seeing a man worth saving

She reached for his love although unattainable, she craved it all the more

She’d set her entire world on fire just to burn the barriers between them

Yet he doesn’t feel her pain when they kiss through the flames,

only after when he’s bathing the wounds on her raw body does she feel comfort

Unwillingly she spread her wings only to fall; drowning in his evanescence Once his Gweniver, the light in his life guiding the way until she no longer knew herself

He ripped her from grace only to leave her wounded to wander the earth a stranger

The power within her ignited through a trail of despair, praying for someone to find her

She drew from wisdom inside strong and bitter sweet,

her heart bleeding as she left his eternal fire, his destiny was not her fate

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