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Diaries Of The Daydreamer

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Diaries of the daydreamer,

Another make believer

The story of a girl about to unfold

The world within a girl

in which she beholds,

The secrets to be told

of our inner world.

They said “just another daydreamer”,

But her mind falls deeper

Into the depths where the people wept,

Mourning the child-hood

they wished they’d kept

But as they grew older away they slept.

Courtesy of a daydreamer,

Although more a night time thinker

An open invitation for the faeries to play,

Portal by twilight disguised by the day

She lays out her offerings

to invite them to stay.

The purpose of the daydreamer,

In-fact another truth seeker

Without doubt in our hearts

we desire to feel

And not to question what is real,

Then to us they might reveal how it is that we may truly heal.

Diaries Of The Daydreamer

By DanniellaJaine

As part of a special feature for

Fae Magazine

Featuring Model A_Girskaya

Wearing Rawrags by Pia Kokholm

With Jewelry by HandMadeHome

Floristry & Floral Accessories by Jasper and Quinn

Sustainable Hair Styling HoneyStoneHair

Cruelty Free Beauty Elouise Abbot Makeup Artist

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