Danniella Jaine
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My name is Danniella, I'm a fairytale photographer led by natural light into the realms of nature's wonderland

I work alongside an incredible team of eco-conscious beauty specialists  to produce fairytale fashion stories 

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Those Who Dare To Dream

Our creative team specialize in representing Independent Artists, Makers, and Fashionistas who wish to manifest their daydreams into reality. With storytelling photography, we aim to capture magical content that will enchant your day-to-day.

We believe that everyone has their own story to tell, so allow us to help yours unfold in a creative production directed by yours truly; (or transcend into your own unique fairytale) with dreamlike photography that aspires to capture the ‘Inner You'. 

#Womensupportingwomen - We enjoy collaborating with women of all types of women understanding what it feels like to become disconnected from our 'inner voice' as we move through the everyday world. Allow us to hold the space whilst you abandon your everyday into the abundance of nature for a magical photoshoot experience, exploring magic once more!

#Whomademyclothes - The fashion designers we work with are sole traders or small businesses. Throughout each assignment,

we like to get to know each artist and their creative process to build a sense of who they are and how that transcends into what they make. Creating photo stories around fashion collections is what we do best!

#Underthefloralspell - We are simply 'under the floral spell' believing flowers bring a certain kind of magic to each shoot.

We work amongst local sustainable florists using flowers to set the mood, convey emotions, or even set intentions.


#Ecobeauty - Our beauty team are eco-conscious striving their best to be as cruelty-free, sustainable, and environmentally friendly as possible using products. As a creative team shooting solely in nature we feel it's important to promote kindness to it!

Each photographic production is a collective effort of each artist’s involved expertise. Upon booking your consultation we will discuss which creative professional is most suitable for the project based not only on availability but unique style.

We aim to take you on a journey creating an experience as your story unfolds, with advice from the beginning on how to plan for your photoshoot and how to showcase photos at home or how to use your content effectively online

With all our passion, talents and ambitions our goals are actually quite simple;

to create & connect!


I'm always looking for new exciting opportunities and projects, Let's connect!