My name is Danniella,  

I'm a fashion & portrait photographer shooting on location with my creative team who work with a cruelty free ethos. We produce fairytale fashion stories for  

"Those Who Dare To Dream".

Independent companies, fashion artists & designers, or any individual who strives to choose their passion as their lifestyle. Our aim is to promote artists by helping style their brand through storytelling photography that may be used in social media, printed stationary & press release.


The pictures I create illustrate stories

brining magic into the every day.

Fashion tells a story of who we are & a world which we desire, photography captures the essence of that which is why creating within nature inspires me.


We are conscious about the fashion & the textiles industry,  passionate about promoting sustainable solutions

making such as recycling existing materials to reduce waste or crafting organic materials that leave no trace.


A Day Dream Land For Story Book Children

#Whomademyclothes - Many clothing designers we work with are sole traders running small businesses creating clothing by hand. We work closely during the production of their collections getting to know their artistic process, their influences & whom they are which allows me to see the stories that capture the essence of their work.


#Ethicalfashion - Working the Fair Trade Association has allowed me to connect with makers all across the globe learning where our materials come from and how they are made which has inspired my ethos of ethical fashion.

#Ecofashionista - As a happy hoarder & charity shop treasure hunter there’s no bigger love for me than pre-loved. Vintage clothing is another fancy of mine as it’s the best way to recycle already existing materials.

#Femaleempowerment - Every girl has a story to tell, We enjoy collaborating with all ages making picture to tell their stories whether that be for self discovery or their brand promotion. Creating portfolio photos aspiring models is something I've been doing a long time & I’m proud to continue to follow the success of girls who have made it as models using the photographs we’ve made & submitted to agencies. 


Each project we create is a collective effort of each artist’s expertise, ideas & talents. We work collaboratively throughout each production using our creativity to connect. 


When I take meet a new client I make a new friend offering my advice not only throughout the production but also after ensuring the use of material produced is guided in the right areas of promotion. 


We aim to produce beautiful photos which everyone can use online, sharing with several audiences & across different networks. Our goal is to create & connect.

© 2020 Danniellajaine

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